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    Blank Security Screen

      I have a Dell computer. XP operating system.

      When I try to open my security center from a desktop icon, I get a blank screen. I'm not getting the icon in the bottom right bar like I used to. I went to process and tried to close the Mcafee program and it won't let me. I've tried the stinger program and its not showing any problem. What can I do?

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          Hi ,

          Could you please provide the following details;

          What is the browser that we use (Internet explorer/firefox)
          Is the computer up-to-date with windows .
          Please let us know for how long you are facing this issue ?
          Have you performed any recent changes to the computer like a system restore ?

          Kindly get back with the above details so that we could fix this for you.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            I primarily use IE8  but occasionally use Firefox. My windows are uptodate. This has been going on for several days. I did a restore for another program. I have also deleted the Mcafee program and  reintalled and still won't work.

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              I am having the same problem.


              I have Mcafee on my system since December last year. I have Windows Vista, FireFox, Chrome, and IE on my system. My system is up to date.


              I realized that I could not see any of the videos on the sites Hulu or Comedy Central, which was not a problem until yesterday. Strangely, the advertisement videos on the sites are running well and so are the videos from YouTube. It hangs up only when the actual content video is expected to start. I wondered if it was due to firewall blocking access to some IP addresses. I tried to access Mcafee control center from the icon in the system tray (notification area) but it does not show even the tooltip or the right click menu, and double clicking did nothing. So I tried to run it from start menu and run command (C:\Program Files\McAfee.com\Agent\mcagent.exe), which makes it display a window, which is completely blank, not even the window borders are visible.


              I tried running the Mcafee virus scan, but it terminates after giving the message "We cannot check your security status now because the McAfee Security Scan is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

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                I went to Administrative System and shut down all the McAfee programs that it would let me. I then went and downloaded and ran my program. It seens to be working ok now.

                Well keep and eye on it.

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                  Glad that the issue is fixed, please do let us know if you still face any issues




                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderartor