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    SBDBserver.exe error / On Wins2k8

      Hi Folks!


      Actually having some issues with SBDBServer.exe and termination of application.

      Actually running about 5k Clients and 70k users.

      Syncintervals  are about 360 Minutes // Daily installs about 50.

      At payload of about 230 Clients the SBDBSERVER.exe exits.


      Shortly before the process increases its size from abot 32 megs to abot 60 before it quits.

      The CPU usage starts to rise still about 92-98 percent and system is getting very slow like a dia show.


      Machine is a HP at 4cores and 4 Gigs memsize with Win2k8R2 and a Raid 10 physically attached.


      Database ist about 1.6 gigs in raw size.


      Any hints ? Thanks a lot!


      System is built up from cookbook but im a little bit new to the internals....



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