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    Stuck with Comcast Mcafee (expired)

      I never had a problem with my comcast mcafee but now that it's expired since I switched internet providers and I need to uninstall it so I can get some active protection I feel lost with it. I can't tell what product it is, (total protection, internet security, or whatever. By clicking the security center icon (in my program files) properties I can see that it is version 9.15 so I am assuming I have some kind of 2009 security suite. If I upgrade (like if I buy mcafee internet security) can't I buy it online and get a license number and put it in somewhere instead of uninstalling because every time I tried to uninstall it my computer crashes where vista wouldn't start up but after a while somehow I was able to do a system restore but mcafee is stll installed so I don't want to have to uninstall it again!

      When it tells me subscription is expired there is a link to renew but it just takes me to the mcafee website. If I can't uninstall the version I have how am I going to install another one? As far as I can tell there's no place to put the license number anyways. Does comcast or other internet providers have their own versions of mcafee that you can't renew? Thanks for any feedback.



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          Peter M

          Whatever you decide you will have to uninstall the Comcast branded version the normal way via Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (XP) or Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7) then run the MCPR removal tool available via Useful Links at the top of this page and reboot,  Then you can install new protection.

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            ok, thanks for your answer, after trying to unistall mcafee last time i am very worried about my computer crashing again and not being able to fix it. I guess I can't just upgrade with a serial number or something like other progs so I'm gonna have to do something else unless i just keep the comcast mcafee installed the way it is, the firewall and scanner still works, it seems the only difference is it doesn't do scheduled scans.(?) It just seems like it really messed up my computer when i tried to uninstall it and still wasn't able to uninstall it at all because it's still on my computer because i had to end up restoring my computer to a time before i tried to uninstall it.

            If i installed another version of mcafee on the computer without uninstalling the expired one would that cause problems?

            Again, thanks for your answer.

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              Peter M

              It could cause problems yes.

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                While the Comcast version firewall will still work, it will not receive any DAT updates and the Comcast version will not be adequate for protecting your system.  I suggest you get some new security software installed as soon as possible. You should have received information from McAfee prior to the expiration date of the Comcast version giving you some options.  Hope this helps.