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    Application Control questions and issues

      Hello.... (as you can see from all my questions posted, I'm struggling a little to get AppControl up and running smoothly)


      1. still struggling with performance issues. this was posted in another question that I'm going to close out and just open a case with McAfee on.  But it looks like our POS team has identified their own issues with microsoft WMI and they are including some fixes they think will help our overall performance issues, but we're curious to if AppControl relies on WMI and if so how much.  If there are issues with it, will AppControl have issues?  have there been any other customers reporting performance issues with AppControl?


      2.  I have 74 systems checking into an ePO 4.5 database and my database has grown to over 35GB in 4 months.  This is waaay more than my Enterprise DB that has 5-6 different McAfee products checking into it. This 35GB DB only has App Control events, no other products are installed (other than the MA of course).  What should I expect from DB size growth?



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