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    Update definition file using UNC path



      I am very new to antivirus installation and for one of my product I wanted to ensure the antivirus is correclty configured.


      For testing, I have donloaded the Virus scan enterprise 8.7 i evaluation version and disconnected the system from internet.


      I wanted to check if the autoUpdate works fine ith UNC path or local machine directory.


      Now when I download the 6036xdat.exe from mcafee website and put this in C:\AntiVirusTest folder on Machine A and machine B.


      Now When autoupdate starts, it fails with the message Unable to find valid repository


      Can you please guide me from where to get the updateed defintion files for the trial software?

      I just wanted to ensure that the automatic update works fine with UNC path.  When I looked online it seems the repository sghould have more files than just this exe .

      Can you please guide me on where to get these files from?