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    Virus EPO alerts not populating hostname

      Eventhough I have included them in the body.  Any idea why?  It knows the DNS names but for whatever reason, since upgrading to 4.5, it does not send it in the email.


      Actual email notifications look like so:



      ePolicy Orchestrator Notification

      Response Name: Malware detected and handled Event Type Name: Threat Defined at: <company name> System Location: GlobalRoot\Directory\Lost&Found\<company-name>\Annapolis-Computer Accounts (Users)\Annapolis-Laptops

      Description: Sends an e-mail notification when "Malware detected and not handled" events are received.


      Number of events: 1



      Source IPV4 addresses:

      OS: Professional


      Threat Names: Downloader-BZH

      Detecting Product Names: VirusScan Enterprise


      Any idea why?



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