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    Can I choose the installation path for McAfee?




      I'll try to make this short and easy. I had McAfee on my old computer and it worked great. So when I recently built a new, expensive computer, I naturally turned back to McAfee and was going to purchase their Virus and Internet Security protection.


      But I have a problem, one that may keep me from purchasing it. If I recall from the last time I installed McAfee, there is no option to set the installation path. I have two storage units on my computer, one being a traditional spinning hard drive, and one being a solid state drive.


      My solid state drive is my boot disk, and McAfee will install their first. If there is no option to change the installation path, I won't be able to buy it. My solid state drive is only 80GB and is used solely as a boot disk, no programs should go there.


      So my question: can I change the installation path?