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    Completely bypass large files in 6.X

      It's possible to completely bypass (like the ICAP bypass option) files bigger than x MB ?

      The only option I found is the Large File Limits, but this is valid only for files downloaded in RAM, what about bypassing files bigger than X for AV ? Entries in whitelist are not possible as the URL's are unknown.


      The only way I see is the generic header filter (looking for the Content-Length: header), but I only have block actions -:((



      Thanks Boris

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          Hi Boris,


          you can create a White list entry for the Type "Header" -> "Content-Lenght greater than" and specify a size. Disable all filters for this entry.


          This will work for all downloads which sent the Content-Length Header. If a server does not sent one (should be uncommon) and uses chunk-encoding for sending the file, we need to have the complete file first before we know how big it is. No chance to bypass here.


          This should not happen too often. You would notice it when downloading without webwasher that the browser can't tell you the size and remaining time. Did not come across this pretty often in the last time.




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            Thanks Andre, I was not aware about this option.