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    de-blocking programs

      I am using win 7 premium, with McAffee Security Center 2010.

      I have a program for downloading pictures, which is not functioning, so far I can recall blocked by MacAffee Firewall.

      As er instructions it must be possible to rightclick in the security center, opening security options, open applications inwhere I should de-block the program I like to use.

      However!!! n security options other then on/off, please advise how to do it.



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          Right click on M icon and click change settings.
          Then click progam permissions.
          Check if the program is blocked in the program permission list, (Click and grant it Full access)

          Please let know if any issues around the same.


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            Done, but it shows onLY:


            realtime scan

            firewall>>>> on/off

            all settings


            no possibility to show/ change security settings or alike.

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              i did sent a reply on your last solution. Still IO am not able to open a panel to set the individual security as you indicated, I did see this solution also in the user manual, but on one way or another, I do not see/be able to open a security settings panel as you state, any clou why not?.

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                Hello there,

                Could you please open security center and let me know whether it states :

                Am I protected YES (or) Your computer is secure . please be specific on that , it would help me to differentiate the versions and guide you accordingly


                Dinesh K
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