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        Thanks for coming back to me and trying to help.

        When I purchased on line MVT Application for $39.95 I was not given a receipt and the only prove I have is a charge on my AMex Credit card from a IOLO TECHNOLOGIES Company in Los Angeles.

        Is that OK or is this some type of scam?

        I am not very happy with the technical Support of McAfee in any case. My experience is very poor and for istance today I have tried to chat on line with them with no luck for the reason that I said earlier.

        I have also another problem, which in fact is the reason that I purchased on line the Virtual Technician Application. My problem is that my main system of MeAfee does not "open" any longer when I right click on it. Therefore if I want to run a scan now, I cannot do it.

        What do you recommend that I do?

        I appreciate very much your support and your suggestions. Thanks!

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          I paid on line for McAfee Virtual Technician Application $39.95. As a matter of fact I am afraid that this was a scam which I just discovered going on line to my account to check what kind of receipt I had of my payment. In fact I was charged twice  $39.95 by a IOLO Technology compmany in Los Angeles.

          Is this a scam or you recognize what this can be?

          Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

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            Really if you are sure it was supposed to en Mcafee virtual Technician (MVT) it  is free I guarantee that. Better you contact Mcafee legal area will post back contact asap. Also Start the following asap As it might be infected

            Before that I checked their site Mcafee has it as green and the only $39.95 product shown is System Mechanic 10. Can you  confirm the product and firm via private message . (click on my avatar and on right of profile is PM option.)


            Trying to get help to you emailed several bods. I may contact you soon.

            Update your dat files and scan your PC with Virusscan in Safe Mode.


            To   do this, tap F8 repeatedly while booting up. You'll get a boot screen   with choices. Pick Safe Mode. Your PC will boot in a low resolution   state as most processes won't be running. Go to "My Computer" (XP) or   "Computer" (Vista), right-click the hard drive and select "Scan" from   the drop-down menu. You'll see an extra taskbar icon which will show a   progress report if you hover over it.


            If you think you have a virus infection on your PC do one or both of the following :

            - Run the free Mcafee Stinger program from http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/ -

              set it to Report Mode (in Preferences) and post the logs of anything it detects.( set it to very high sensitivity)

            - Join the McAfee Getsusp group at https://community.mcafee.com/groups/getsusp30-beta-feedback

              You will have to ask there for Getsusp, which is a Beta program and not yet on general release.

            Download here latest version https://community.mcafee.com/message/161182#161182

              Before you use Getsusp, you should go to this document


              and download the PDF file explaining what Getsusp is and how it works, and this document


              which downloads the installation guide PDF document.


            If you want a second opinion, or to be on the safe side, then you can do a scan with the free versions of these tools :

            Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware


            If   you already have Malwarebytes installed, the virus could be protecting   itself against it. In that case, in order to get Malwarebytes running   you'll need to rename the executable. Open the C:\Program   Files\Malwarebytes Antimalware folder, then rename the "mbam.exe" file   and double-click directly on the file to open the program. After   updating the program, run a full system scan using Malwarebytes.


            Make   sure both programs are updated to the latest versions before running   them and let them clean anything they find. If they quarantine a file  or  fail to remove a file try to get a copy of it and send it to Mcafee   using the virus submission path described here :


            (The following has been copied from a post of Peacekeeper's, to whom I am grateful for saving me some typing).


            Send the file to mcafee labs at http://vil.nai.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx


            Zip the file and password it with password infected.


            You will probably get an autoreply back saying it is infected; reply asking for it to be manually tested.


            Include in your first submission :-

            Submission Information
            Please provide the following information along with your sample. It will help us speed the sample review process:


            • A list of all files contained in the sample submission, including a brief description of where or how you found them
            • What symptoms cause you to suspect that the sample is malicious
            • Whether   any security products find a virus (tell us the  security vendor, its   product name, the version number, and the virus  name assigned to the   sample)
            • Your McAfee product information (product name, engine, and DAT version
            • Any system details that may be relevant (operating system, service packs, etc.)



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              Hi Michelemcafee,


              You can access MVT (McAfee Virtual Technician) from http://mvt.mcafee.com



              This is a free service. 




              QA Lead. 

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                Hey there,


                   I just did some checking around, and Iolo does sell an antivirus product for $39.95, but it is their own product called "System Shield." I would suggest contacting them about being billed twice, perhaps they can refund you? They have customer service links and contact information on their website.

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                  Also they have a refund policy which is OK as far as I can see:  http://www.iolo.com/customercare/kbarticle.aspx?id=KBA-01364

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                    So Michele just confirming you did not buy MVT correct? Your PM imples System Mechanic.

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                      Hello;  I have a similar problem.  First because after McAfee decided I needed to be updated with very important updates I am constantly getting thrown into MicroSoft script debugger because a McAfee script has decided to crash very frequently.  I googled the problem, uninstalled and reinstalled per McAfee suggestions and that proved to be a total waste of time.  No luck the script continues to crash.  You have no idea how frustrating this is.  Particularly since I am not knowingly running the script.  To me the software I bought to protect from viruses has turned out to be a virus.  major bummer.

                      McAfee Security Center Version 11.0

                      McAfee Virus Scan Version 15.0

                      McAfee Personal Firewall Version 12.0

                      McAfee SiteAdvisor Version 3.3

                      McAfee QUickClean and Shredder Version 11.0

                      all updated on 9/22/2011


                      Now I then found I was frustrated enough to try to talk to McAfee.  Turns out I got to pay for support of the Product I paid for.  I can tell you how happy that makes me.  SO then I downloaded, (yes I am a dummy) the virtual technican and after it downloaded and consumed mass quantities of my time installing on my system I did get to run it.  It came back and said there are no McAfee products installed on my System.  So I am asking my self what did I pay for.  I thought I bought products from McAfee. 


                      So here I am, hosed.  I got a McAfee script that can do nothing but crash, I got a Virtual Technican that says it can not help me because I have no McAfee products even thou I have McAfee running on my system.   I am frustrated with this and not happy with McAfee's lack of support. 

                      The original post from some poor person july 5 2011 is still unanswered. 

                      Does anyone know if the phone chat charges you if they can not fix the problem?

                      Does anyone know of another reliable software security vendor?

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                        Actually phone chat you might be lucky there as they are trialing free support. Chat via the net is free always has been.


                        In net chat you can request an escalation call back. that way if Tier 1 support fails you can get a free call back from a higher level tech.

                        The net chat is here


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