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      Hi there everyone,

      I work for BT in London and have one of their Panasonic CF18 laptops. The other day my laptop decided to prompt me for a safeboot password, this I entered and it then went to a blank screen with an error code "5060018", with which it now just sits there. I contacted BT laptop support and they said there is nothing you can do and are sending me out a new hard drive, thats fine but I have so much data both personal and work related on the old one. Is there anyway I can recover this, I sensed the BT support answer was just run of the mill and a relatively easy solution for them but it leaves me trying to retrieve all my lost files.Please help!





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            Try reason with them to help you recover data. For company data they take responsibility, but for personal....that's different story.

            What would happen if your machine just caught a fire and gutted hard drive?


            BTW, can you repost your error message and code? I think you typed it wrong.

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              it can be recovered by BT support, but not by you without their help unfortunately. It's their machine so they hold all the keys to it. If they don't want you to recover it, there's nothing you can do on your own.

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                In many cases local IT support does not have expertise and resources to go through recovery process. But they might pass necessary information to the user, to allow him to attempt data recovery by himself.

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                  Thanks for your response.Just to clarify if I contact my BT support group, if they are willing to help they should have the technology to be able to help me recover my lost files. As said in my previous email, I sensed the people I initially spoke to on Laptop support were not really bothered and were just glad to send out a new hard drive that does not help.  If they are unwilling to help, is there any way that I can recover them. Once again, thanks for your quick response.

                  Kindest Regards


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                    without their help, no, there is no way for you to get access to your data. Remember, it's BT's machine so they can do what they like with it - the security system is under their control.

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                      Thanks Simon,

                      I will see how I get on with my illustrious computer support group tomorrow I wont hold my breath though!



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                        Thanks Peter,

                        I will see how I get on with our computer support group tomorrow.



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                          Ask them for :

                          • SDB file (EEM export of your machine, no users, no filesets in export)
                          • floppy disk with SafeTech (created from EEM)
                          • McAfee daily code for EEPC recovery


                          Please restate what error did you got during pre-boot.

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