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    Runtime Error using McAfee provided through Facebook

      Hi all,


      I was stupid enough (or preoccupied enough) to click on a video in my messages on FB and got a virus.  I have run several different malware, adware and virus scans to remove.  Now, when I log in to Facebook, it says that my account is temporarily unavailable.  To proceed, I have to give ID info and then download and run McAfee Scan and Repair.  Ok, so I do this and when the scan starts, I get a runtime error and it stops and won't finish scan.  I can't get into my Facebook account now as a result.  Can anyone help me?  The runtime error says to contact technical assistance for the application - tried that but I am not a registered user of McAfee so they can't help.  FB is no help either.  I went to Microsoft and downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library but that didn't fix the problem.  Any ideas?