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    "Failed to connect to domain" errors - EPO 4.5.919

      Hi all


      Some unscheduled power loss and faulty UPS config gave my EPO server some downtime over the weekend - it's back up and seemingly running ok, however I can't authenticate to my domain through EPO - for instance my AD Sync tasks fail, and when I try to browse for new systems I get prompted for credentials but then am unable to browse computers in the domain, receiving a "Failed to connect to domain ..." error. Strangely I can browse other domains via trust relationships with no problem.


      I've re-entered my AD credentials at /core/config , rejoined the server to the domain and updated my DNS configuration to no avail. McAfee Virtual Technician finds nothing.


      The only clue I get is in orion.log with lines such as:


      2010-07-05 15:07:55,605 WARN  [http-8443-Processor25] auth.DefaultRoleManager  - Unable to load roles for user: andrewh
      java.lang.Exception: Unable to find connection or dnsRoot for domain: MYDOMAIN

      2010-07-05 15:08:43,530 ERROR [http-8443-Processor25] util.DomainListProvider  - Failed to get domain list: Unable to enumerate domain, system error 87
      com.mcafee.epo.core.EpoJNIException: Unable to enumerate domain, system error 87

      2010-07-05 15:09:02,923 ERROR [http-8443-Processor25] util.TableUtil   - TableTag Exception: Failed to connect to domain MYDOMAIN
      com.mcafee.epo.core.EpoConnectException: Failed to connect to domain MYDOMAIN


      Just a little further up I get the lines


      2010-07-05 15:00:23,572 ERROR [Thread-1] services.SoftwareCatalogService  - Error saving new entry to EPOMasterCatalog
      java.sql.DataTruncation: Data truncation

      2010-07-05 14:59:36,205 ERROR [http-8444-Processor24] servlet.CommandServlet  - Error executing command epo.command.isAdmin by user system_DRADIS
      com.mcafee.orion.core.cmd.CommandException: No such command:epo.command.isAdmin


      I don't know if these are related or not unfortunately. Any advice gratefully received!