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    Sidewinder console access .

      Have set-up a sidewinder to authenticate with a cisco ACS via radius for management access and when cisco ACS (radius server) is not available this falls back to local access , however on the physical console access I can not get the fall-back option to work ? i.e keeps looking for radius server when not on network and I want it to revert to local username when ACS (radius serrver not available ) .


      Any advise , comments welcome .

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          If you have multiple authenticators configured on your login console rule(s) (or ssh), then you can specify the authenticator you want to use when logging in.Just like in the GUI you can select 'password' as the authenticator instead of radius.


          At the login prompt you just type:




          So if I wanted to force my login to use the password authenticator (and I have a rule that allows password authentication) I would type 'username:password' at the login prompt. It will always default to the first authenticator.


          Let me know if you still have trouble getting this to work. It is also outlined in the administration guide