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    McAfee Total Protection "A network error occurred"

      I am trying to authenticate Mcafee total proteciton on a machine, at the window that lets me pick I already have an existing Mcafee account, I put my information in correctly it kicks back


      "A network error occured. Try again later."


      but if i use incorrect information (put in the wrong password on purpose) it kicks back


      "You've entered an invalid email address or password. Please try again."


      I am wondering if someone could direct me to work arounds for this? or make suggestions on what to try next i have used the following tools






      Mcafee virtual technician thing(showed nothing)


      I have installed Mcafee 4 times now always producing the same results with different combinations of the MCPR and McPreInstall just to test if i could get lucky...well that did not work.



      New requested information


      Operating system: Windows XP pro SP3

      OEM is Dell, however, the OS is not an OEM version

      A different version of Mcafee was installed on the computer I uninstalled it and then installed the newer version because the license time was expiring old version had authenticated fine but obviously issues with this one now.


      Attached are two screen shots, one with proper password saying network error and a second with an incorrect password that says bad login information.








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