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    mcshield 99 percent CPU

      I have been running a software program for several years without any problems.  After I upgraded to the latest version of the program, McAfee created the following problem:  As soon as I start running the software program, McAfee mcshield takes 99 percent of the CPU and locks up the PC for about 10 minutes.  During this time, and I cannot do anything on the PC.  Then mcshield goes back down to zero percent CPU usage, and things return to normal.


      If I disable McAfee real time scanning BEFORE I run the program, mcshield does NOT take any CPU time, and the software program runs without any problems.


      I added the program to my list of Trusted items, but that did not solve the problem.


      How do I get mcshield NOT to scan the program when I run it?


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          Hello mkm,

          Could you please provide the following information ;so that we could investigate on this issue

          What is the operating system of the computer ?
          How old is the computer ?
          The name of the software which we are running ?


          Please get back with the above details , we are happy to get this resolved for you.

          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            I have the same problem on a laptop ,2ghz intel atom , 1gb ram ,windows xp home edition

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              This is what I learned from contacting McAfee:  McAfee's real-time scanning detected what it thought was a virus in the software, and spent about 10 minutes processing the software.  McAfee thought that there was a virus in the software because of the way the software was programmed.  The software is okay; it's virus-free.  My work-around solution is to disable McAfee real-time scanning before I run the software, and re-activate real-time scanning after I finish running the software.  My system configuration is similar to Mayne's: Compaq Presario desktop PC, AMD 64 bit processor, Windows XP, 1GB RAM.

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                Unless Dinesh has some more ideas I suggest if this continues contact Technical Support Chat as the latest update should have dealt with some of the issues, especially where laptops/netbooks are concerned.





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