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    Host Data Loss Prevention 9.0 problem with Lotus Notes 8.5.1



      can you help me on this one? We are currently using HDLP 9.0 and so far, it is working as expected, but recently we tried to use it's email protection rule (our email client is Lotus Notes 8.5.1) but it doesn't work, we have followed every procedure indicated in the product guide and enabled the Lotus Notes handler as well. We have created a test environment to isolate the testing, here we used Outlook as email client and it is working properly. It seems that the email protection rules is working, but not for Lotus Notes client.


      I have seen in the release notes that HDLP 9.0 supports Lotus Notes version 6.5 - 8.5, when we used version 7.0 in our testing, it still won't work. Is Lotus Notes really working on HDLP 9.0? please let me know if there are more configurations that needs to be done on enabling email protection rule for Lotus notes. Thanks!





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