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      Hello, I just got a virus caleed: "Sysinternals Antivirus", does anybody know how to get rid of it?

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          This link will assist you to perform steps to rid your computer of the virus and malware.Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          When you have finished the above you could also try to run www.malwarebytes.org and www.superantispyware.com both of which are free and catches a lot of stuff. You should download these to a usb stick and I suggest you rename the download files and installation folders to something you can easily remember as virus are written to protect themselves. When you rename the programs you can usually get them installed as they do not pose a threat. Check for updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer. Do the same for the other program and reboot again.


          Let us know how these work for you and if necessary we can proceed further.


          Good Luck