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    MVM 7.0

      Hi there,


      I've been searching to see if anyone have installed MVM 6.8 on Windows/SQL 2008/R2 yet. I found this link http://community.mcafee.com/thread/18586?tstart=1

      This mentions there would be a release mid 2010. I contacted support and they say there is version 7.0 which will support Windows 2008 R2; no ETA yet.


      Can anyone add bit more clarity to the situation? Is any thing expected before october 2010?


      Will the new version fully support ePO 4.5 including agent deployment, monitoring and reporting? or we still need to use Enterprise Manager?


      Thank you




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          Hi 1ndian,

          MVM 6.8 does not support SQL 2008 and there are no plans to do so. MVM 7.0 is scheduled for release on 07-26-10 and it will support SQL 2008. I'm not sure what you are asking when you say "Will the new version fully support ePO 4.5 including agent deployment, monitoring and reporting? or we still need to use Enterprise Manager?". The MVM product is not agent based and there are no planes to make it so. We do integrate with EPO but it isn't a full integration at this time so there still a need for the Enterprise Manager.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Hi Jeffrey,


            That's great news. we have scheduled our  Windows 2008/R2/SQL/2008/R2/Windows 7 platform upgrade to start in October. The project is almost an year late due to lack of support from McAfee. I'm glad to see that McAfee is coming up with new versions of products that support latest in OS & Applications.


            Few more questions regarding MVM 7.0:


            Will it support Windows 2008 x64?

            Is there any hardware requirement changes?

            What are the additional features introduced or enhanced in this version?

            Is it accompanied by a newer version of remediation manager & policy auditor?


            One of the reason I asked if it will support ePO 4.5 is to know if I will be able to manage it over a single port. Current scenario is that I've to open so many ports in the firewalls and still most firewalls with packet inspection will deny traffic thinking they are DoS attacks. In agent based scenario, the agent can locally scan the system and send only the information to the central server over a single port as many McAfee products do nowadays. Nowdays, majority of the companies (including ours) separate internal departments, systems and users using firewalls even in LANs. What do you suggest in such secnarios?


            Thank you.






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              We are not allowed to state information pertaining to future releases in this forum… Please contact your McAfee sales account manager and request a private briefing and I'm sure they will be able to help you out.


              Good luck and have a great day.


              Jeff Haynes



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                Hi Jeffrey,


                I must apprecate your cooperation so far. Thank you.


                One of the reason I ask question here is that the sale accounts manager has no clue as to what each McAee products deliver other than the usual suspects such as AV, AS and ePO. I' contacted McAfee support and they have no information or they can "neither confirm or deny". My local McAfee office's promises are gone with the wind? They keep assigning me to differnt partners and all of them visit and leave promising to get information on our queries "as soon as possible". McAfee website is a university for ambiguity and information is dry and crippled.


                Why is it McAfee keeping the customer in the dark? I was told by McAfee Enterprise Architect that I can request for a roadmap upto 6 months. I've delayed my project till October due to lack of OS and Application support from McAfee on their current offerings.


                Now whom should I believe and where should I go to get 'information'; not sales pitch. You said it right. I need lot of luck while dealing with McAfee. At least, that's how it feels to me. As you can see, this community is the only place I've left. I know I'm not the only one; after seeing the poll on the business community home page. If you could get me in touch with someone who knows what's going on at  McAfee, I would let you go :-)


                Thanks Jeffrey




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                  Well that sure does sound frustrating. I'm going to do what I can to get you the help you need. Can you send me a PM with your contact information and what company you work for. Once I get that I'll see who I can get to help you.


                  Jeff Haynes

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                         do you not have a reseller that can help you get this kind of info? they should be able to escalate this kind of thing through their own McAfee technical account manager.

                    I know we do it for ours, the SE's are no longer able to provide roadmap information(I don't think they are given it any more) and it has to be done under NDA now.

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                      Hi Challi,


                      I don't want to steal McAfee road map and sell it to competitors :-) I'm ready to sign any NDA they want. I'm from middle east. It's a goldmine here for vendors. they can sell whatever they want to their customers. If they don't deliver, they don't need to worry about law suits; like in West or Europe. So, anything goes here.


                      Most of the companies here don't get too involved in the IT operations. so if things don't work, IT budget next year for a different product :-)


                      I'm really ****** of with McAfee. The only person who really wants to help seems to be April (Community Manager or something). Other than that, people at McAfee and their partners don't even like to pick up my call and has no clue as to what most of the McAfee products mean and do. support is nothing like the 'Gold' it claims to be.


                      My products are not even an year old and McAfee is back with a different suite of products. The individual products in these suites are already licensed under different packages I currently own. Price is also insane. I want to sit with someone to understand what the products names in these suites mean. I though Microsoft & Citrix is worse with products names. McAfee has many redundant products sold under different names.


                      They can give me 101 group-shield licenses under total protection for endpoint but not Security for Mac??? Why is it under endpoint??? Now they sell the same package under Total protection for servers with addition of Policy Auditor which I already own  under Total protection for compliance-Desktops!!! total protection for compliance includes Vulnerability Manager and Policy Auditor. But remediation is another product!!! How do you comply without remediation in place?


                      If end of this week, we don't get the Web Gateway to work, I'm going back to ISA Server. Almost an year later, McAfee is not able to troubleshoot the issue. We were using 6.x before. We moved to 7.x, still the story is same. slow browsing, SSL verification failure (major issue), Caching, Performance (1000+ user supported, only 30-40 concurrent users), etc.. etc.. I cannot believe I paid that much money all the while I'd ISA Server license and hardware. damn you McAfee.


                      I've lost all the respect I'd for McAfee. No matter how good their product portfolio is; without proper product management, channel network and support, it's not going to make a difference. At least make sure that the people working for McAfee knows about the products and features. It does not improve when McAfee personal visits and says "I only came because you spend this much money on our products. We don't usually visit unless they are premier customers and the issue is business-stopping". Thank you McAfee. I'm ever grateful. How can I ever pay you back?


                      Well, I've said enough already. I feel better for tonight. Gonna sleep now.






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