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    Limiting mcafee memory usage


      One of my licenses of McAfee Internet Security is running in a laptop which has very old software and hardware. The laptop runs OK when McAfee is de-activated but, for obvious security reasons, I prefer browsing the network with an antivirus installed and running.


      The performance issue is specially noticeable when updating the virus definition database or performing a scheduled scan, since McAfee uses all the phisical memory of the computer. I've tried to upgrade computer memory, but it would overheat the laptop.


      Is there a way to tell Mcafee to use less memory when scanning or updating?

      I found this issue is usual with corporate products, and your knowledge base gives some info about it. But I found no solution for home products.


      I found you sell antivirus software for mini-laptops (netbooks) with reduced memory. Are these products compatible with old processors (i.e. not ARM but pentium-class-Intel?


      You're going to stop support for McAfee 2008 soon. My old computer can run McAfee 2009, but it won't run McAfee 2010. What the scheduled end-of-life for McAffee 2009?



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          Peter M

          Those technical questions regarding memory usage and limiting it would be best directed to online Technical Support Chat - see Useful Links above.


          However, I don't think it's possibly, at least with the home product.


          2008 products are no longer supported according to this page.


          If your machine wont run the 2010 product at all and I assume you've tried perhaps it's best to move as the product auto-upgrades in time.  The process can't be halted.



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