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    Pressing Scan Button/Link Displays Home Protection Status Screen

      Security Center - Version 9.15, build 9.15.179, AffID 390, Language Pack 9.15.117

      Virus Scan - Version 13.15, build 13.15.117, AffID 390, Language Pack 13.15.108, DAT Version 6031.0000, Engine Version 5400.1158

      OS - Win XP MCE, SP2


      Just today, I reinstalled Security Center, et. al., on my laptop from the McAfee web site after completely uninstalling to attempt an install of CA Internet Security.  Since that install failed (nothing updated), I reinstalled Security Center, et. al., successfullly.


      I wanted to attempt a manual scan and encountered a problem that I've seen for a while now (even across removals/reinstalls of Security Center), but haven't reported:  Whenever I press the Scan button (Basic menu) or the Scan link (Advanced menu, Home/Scan), the display always goes to the Home Protection Status screen.  This doesn't happen on a machine that's running the same Security Center, Virus Scan and OS levels, except that Win XP MCE is at SP1.  I don't remember when the scan last worked (if ever) on the SP2 machine


      It'd just be nice if my McAfee could be consistent across platforms ...


      Thanks for any help anyone can give.