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    Upgrade to 6.7.2HF3


      I've just updated my Test Ironmail to the above and noticed that the -i and -c options aren't allowed in the CLI any more.  We use both options extensively in our environment and I was wondering if the "regression" would be added back in.  I think it has been mentioned in the old Securecomputing Forum was just looking for a time frame.


      Also, are there any agents for:





      and any of the other agents that were in previous releases.

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          The grep options were removed as a "fix" to another issue.  I would recommend calling support and opening a case, or subitting a web case on the issue.  In this way, we can escalate it properly, and it is more likely to get fixed.


          The tlsin and tlsout agents have been rewritten for 6.7.x, as have some others.  Many of the agents that were written for 6.5.x have been deprecated, as they addressed bugs that have since been resolved.  Please contact support for information on specific agents or to have them installed.

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            The new log format and tool is not an improvement.  I understand it may be smaller and faster but for extracting information, I am sorry but I would expect something a little bit more user friendly in 2010.