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    Best practices for installing/keeping clients up to date with latest Agent/AV?

      Hello everyone,


      I work for a sizable university system and we recently started using EPO 4.5.  After searching for a while on the internet and these forums, I was unable to come up with a good answer to my question . . . namely, what is the best way to set up EPO to keep your computers up to date with the latest versions of the Agent and VSE?  It seems there are two options:


      1. Have a task set to run immediately/on startup/idle that attempts to install the agent and then VSE.
      2. Set up queries to apply tags to systems that are out of date and have tasks target only these systems.


      The first method seems to maximize coverage, but then the task is constantly attempting to install on machines that are already up to date, while the second method only targets specific machines and seems to have "blind spots" where machines that aren't on very often sometimes go for long periods of time without updating.  Not to mention that with the second option, there is no query for "latest version" (at least that I've seen) so every time there's an update I have to go through and update version numbers manually on a lot of queries.


      So how do you do it?

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          Number one is the better option.  Create a deployment task at the My Organization level in your tree, Set it to run Daily starting at 9am randomized for 8 hours.  This will run every day completely randomized throughout the day.  Your concern about it "running on machines that are up to date" should not be a concern.  The deployment task is smart enough to do comparison on the locally installed version of AV and agent and then see whats available in your repository.  If the version of the product in the repo is greater then the version installed locally then it will upgrade/install the product.  if the versions are equal it will do nothing.  so there is no stress or download like you are thinking on the local client.  in addition this is also optimal if you are concerned with endusers removing the client....if the agent finds the product is missing it will reinstall it ultimately making sure that whatever you have in the repo is what stays on the clients.