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    Public query permissions too broad - can I share a template or prompt for value?


      I have written reports for the information my users need for forensic reconstruction.  However, you have to have the right to edit that public report to change the machine it filters on.  I proposed creation of a new permission for the group would have the additional ability to edit the report, and we can assign the users that need it.


      The risk is that the person could change any public report, and in so doing, disrupt the weekly and monthly reporting process for ones I use and automate. 


      The only other option is to allow users to generate their own reports, but then different users could get inconsistent results, and there is a large duplication of effort.


      Is there a way to let a group share a template to derive their own personal report?  Can I get a public report to prompt for a value (i.e. machine name) like you could in ePO 3.6?


      ePO 4.0 P4.