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    how do I make virus scan exceptions?

      I would like to make a certain file not be scanned by mcafee to increase my fps when i play TF2. Im stumbling around in the Mcafee Center and i cant even figure out how to turn it off, let alone discover how to control the virus scan.


      I can only seem to acess the security center.



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          Peter M

          As you've posted in the General section and not stated what version of SecurityCenter you have, not too sure here.


          In any case, the ability to overlook a file or folder is not possible in the consumer versions but is a feature we have repeatedly asked them to reintroduce.


          There's a rumour that it may happen in the 2011 product coming out later this year.


          It may interest you to try the beta product, but wait awhile as it isn't yet a feature.


          (The current beta is the same as what's in production - new version should appear sometime in the fall).