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    Suspect that your computer has a virus, but McAfee not find it, is this a virus?

      Last month, when the computer is shut down will appear, appeared before heard of this problem is a virus, and yet another with the McAfee virus scanning do not check out, ask how to solve this problembingdu.JPGFigure in Chinese, iexplore.exe - Application Error。“ 0x241feed6”“ 0x241feed6” instruction memory, the memory can not be “read”。Please click “OK ”to terminate the program。Please click “Cancel ”to debug program。

      Also, I use online translation written word may be some professional translation is not accurate, give you trouble, please understand. I have McAfee through their own link on the website to enter, and do not know whether a Chinese forum, if a Chinese service sites want to tell me.Thank you