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    Why does EngineServer.exe only load DATs under WinXP SP3?


      Hello all,


      We're using the SonicWall Enforced Client 5.0.0 Patch 5, engine version 5400.1158. Based on the version number, I think this is Total Protection Service rebranded. Also, my question is about the EngineServer service, thus may be valid for the Enterprise software as well..


      I have Win2000 SP4 clients, WinXP SP3 clients, and Win2003 Terminal Server. On Win2000, the process name that runs is EngineServer.ex (note the lack of an ending E), on WinXP and Win2003 TS the process name is EngineServer.exe.


      On my WinXP clients ONLY, when I launch either Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer the EngineServer.exe process loads DATs into its memory (~50 MB) before letting the program run. These are older single core PCs and cause a major interface slowdown for our users as they try to get their work done, ~20-40 seconds. This does not happen on Win2000 nor Win2003 TS. Does anyone know why this is? Feel free to get technical, please.


      From my reading on this site I get the impression that EngineServer may be used for On Demand scanning? Also it may be used for Outlook email scanning? What would it do for IE or Explorer? In my testing with eicar and the EngineServer service off under WinXP, On Access scanning still works (copying to the PC) and On Demand scanning still works (scanning a folder on the PC that contains eicar).


      I'm very tempted to disable the EngineServer service on my WinXP clients, but would like a little guidance before I do this.


      Thanks in advance,



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          I have read your post.


          The issue with the McAfee Engine Server taking up more CPU is an ongoing issue with the McAfee software.


          McAfee Engineers are working on it. The McAfee SaaS Endpoint Service version 5.2 that is going to be released by the end of this month is expected to resolve this issue completely.


          Please wait for the upgrade that will happen at the end of this month, this will resolve the issue that you are facing completely.


          Please bear with us and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.