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    DLP 9.1 beta is coming...

      What are the new features introduced with  version 9.1 of Data Loss Prevention?

      Note: This is only a subset of the major features.

      Windows 7 64-Bit Support – Host DLP Agent 9.1 fully supports Windows 7 64-bit.

      Office 2010 Support - Host DLP Agent 9.1 fully supports Office 2010.

      Rollup Support on ePO 4.5 - For multi ePO environments, enables rollup of events to a single database.

      Built In Templates – Added HIPAA and PCI templates import ability.

      Email Bypass Keyword - Email exception based on subject keyword which can enable 3rd party email gateway encryption.

      Hit Count – Provides risk analysis capabilities by running discovery scan on the endpoints and analyzing the total hits found and total tags\categories.

      Extending Business Justification to other Reaction Rules – Removable Storage, Printing and File System.

      Improved EEFF Integration - Compatibility with EEFF version 4.0, includes bug fixes.

      Performance Improvement – Improvement in the I/O operation of HDLP.

      Tagging Action in Discovery – It is now also possible to tag files based on the discovery rule criteria.

      Classification Enhancements:

      Identify Encrypted/Password Protected Files - Enables blocking files that cannot be parsed from leaving the organization.

      Dictionary Support in Tagging - Filtering application and location based tagging according to Dictionary terms (With Host DLP 9.0 only text pattern filtering is supported).

      Microsoft Rights Management Service Integration – Enables the administrator to apply RM policy as discovery remediation and to block copying to removable storage, email and webpost, unless RMS policy is applied.

      Additional Supportability Features – New Agent Properties (Running, Installed Pending Reboot, No Policy Enforced) and improved logging for Internet Explorer, Outlook and Lotus Notes.

      Additional Language Support - Russian user interface is now available.


      - Amiya Bisoi

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