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    McAfee Outlook Addin with Error



      Last week I deployed Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7 and the McAfee Agent 4.5 to my Clients using a Clienttask of epo.

      Before the Deployment Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5 and the Agent in the version 3.6 has been installed.


      Now the clients have an error message because the outlook add in is installed twice.

      I think that the Addin was installed once more by the new deployment.


      Is there any possibility to remove on add in on the clients?



      Thank you for your help


      best regards


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          you can remove the extend.dat from the users profile if the user is not in outlook to clear the outlook addons (rebuilds when they open it)

          you can manually remove both outlook scan addons and then add 1 back from the menu system in outlook, takes about 20 seconds

          you can use installation designer to remove the outlook addon from VSE before you place the package on the epo server (assuming you dont want it)

          you can set some switches that remove the outlook addon from the package as its installed on your deployment task (assuming you dont want it)


          Ive just sent out 6000 of these deployments and I think I only got about 15 instances of this, I have read somewhere it only happens if you have 2 sessions of outlook open during the install.



          Have a look at this thread for some ideas on removal http://community.mcafee.com/message/137635#137635



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