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    Renewing Internet Security - doesn't work

      I bought Internet Security 2010 Upgrade Edition to renew my subscription, which expires soon.


      I have used McAfee for several years, and it has been largely trouble free, but they seem to have taken a backwards step this time.


      I have managed to install it, but now it says Subscription Expires in 2 days. When I try to renew the subscription all I get is redirected to the McAfee website, which seems to expect me to purchase another copy!!


      All I want is somewhere I can go to enter my product key and extend my subscription for another year.


      I tried Tech Support but they said I would have to physically send my proof of purchase to them!!!


      I can't believe that this is now standard procedure.


      Surely there must be a way to register this product, which I have paid good money for?