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    Artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5 (Trojan)

      I performed a full scan of my computer after Security Center performed its daily update (June 30, 2010) and it detected the artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5 trojan from file: C:\Program Files\Mcafee\MSM/MCSMTTSK.DLL.  This "trojan" was quarantined but, after the quarantine Mcafee alerted me that my computer was no longer protected.  I clicked the "fix" option but that did not correct the issue.  It said that I had to reinstall Mcafee due to some missing files.  I then clicked the update option and that resolved the issue.  Next, I shut down and restarted the computer and ran another full scan.  Mcafee detected the same artemis trojan and I received the same alerts.  Once again, updating mcafee resolved the issue.  It appears as though the daily mcafee update installed the artemis trojan onto my computer.  I am aware that artemis is actually mcafee technology, so my question is should I ignore the artemis thing or get rid of it?  Will it go away after the next mcafee update?  Is this something to be worried about?  Will it continue to be detected during the full scan resulting in the computer not being fully protected (as described above)?  And one last question:  Why can't Mcafee fix this Artemis issue?  According to a search on the subject, this has been a continuous problem for years.