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    WHY 2010 NEEDED?


      Am I the only person who can recall a time when renewing your McAfee protection [when renewing any software license] carried a fee of less than $20 annually?


      When did it become necessary to repurchase software you've already purchased?! And, what the heck happened to discs?! All this downloading crap is a true pain in the butt! Having a disc available is much more effecient when replacing your computer.


      As McAfee users, once we've purchased the software, and while we're paying an annual fee for the updates and licensing, we shouldn't have to purchase a new product!


      All of which is leading to: Why was a 2010 product necessary?! 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010... why so many damn upgrades?! So many asthetic changes?!



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          Peter M

          Products are constantly improved and updated and, like most software these days, an annual subscription is necessary.   Unfortunately that's the way most companies work these days.  What you pay each year is for the use of the software and to receive all updates/upgrades during that subscription year.


          If you aren't satisfied with that then the best thing to do would be to write to McAfee HQ:


          McAfee Corporate Headquarters:
          3965 Freedom Circle
          Santa Clara,  CA   95054