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    Hosts do not appear in Scan - FS6.8 - Inconsistent results

      I recently ran an Asset Discovery Scan - All default settings - and found 1368 hosts in the B class

      Then set up an Full Vulnerability Scan - All Default Settings - same B class - it ran for 18 hours and reported

      - the summary report indicate that only found 87 hosts

      - in the Windows section - it indicate the authenticated to 237 hosts ?

      - The full neetwork discovery section indicate that none of these devices are active?



      I am on an Layer 3 network - No firewalls, No IDS, No Host IDS/Firewalls,  Windows Remote Registry and WMI is open, Windows and Shell credentals is in and work



      on 30/06/10 5:21:51 PM
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          Hi Danie,

          In general the MVM product works pretty consistently. We send packets out and if we get them back in a reasonable time span we record that event. I can't explain why you only detected 87 hosts in your full vulnerability scan or why it indicates you authenticated to 237 hosts.


          To diagnose something like this you should open up a support case. If you post the case number after it is opened I'll keep and eye on this issue.


          Jeff Haynes