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    Am I Submitting this False Positive Report Correctly?

      I am new here to the forum but not to McAfee. I have used McAfee as far back as I can remember and I have been very happy with the program up until the last year. Since some dat update in January, it's been detecting my critically important Chaos Manager program as a False Positive, one named Generic.dx!kfx, which, to me, seems to be one of these Artimis readings. It has been so disruptive I have had to choose between full virus protection and Chaos Manager, and sadly, I had to sacrifice my computer protection. I have been to tech support, sent the samples through both the Avert Web Site and the McAfee program itself to no avail. I even submitted a sample through email, but... I realize now I forgot to zip the infected file and password it.


      Long story short, before I submit yet another sample through email, I'd like to make sure I have all my email information correct. That said, this is a copy of my submission email, minus the correctly done zip file. Am I missing anything?


      -----Begin Email Copy-----


      To whom this may concern --


      I wish to report this submission as a False Positive detection by McAfee.


      Reply Email Address: <email address removed for security>

      Files in Archive: 1
      Name of file: cm2setup.exe
      Where I found it: Desktop
      Symptoms: N/A; False Positive; Artimis Scanner detects Chaos Manager as "Generic.dx!kfx"

      Security Products Detecting Sample: McAfee (See below for Product info).


      McAfee Products Information:
      McAfee Security Center
      Version: 9.15
      Build: 9.15.179
      AffId: 105-260


      McAfee Virus Scan
      Version: 13.15
      Build: 13.15.117
      AffId: 105-260
      DAT Version: 2028.0000
      Engine Version: 5400.1158


      Windows System Info:
      OS: Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1


      Other information: The submitted sample is the full install for Chaos Manager; both this install and its subsequent installed program are being registered as the trojan "Generic.dx!kfx". I have used this software since 2003 and it has never, in any way, harmed any system I've installed it to. Please add it to your backend whitelist.




      -----End Email Copy-----