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    power management, screen burn in and the EE Pre-Boot

      I am working through an EE 6.01 implementation and noticed that the pre-boot will stay on the screen for an extended length of time. Is there no timeout that will turn it off after the user has not touched it for X minutes or hours ? I already have issues with the patch management process and the pre-boot always kicking in instead of a warm boot pass through, I don't really want to add in a "burned image of the pre-boot into the screen cause the user went on vacation during a patch cycle" issue into the mix as well.


      How does every one else handle this issue? What is the best practice recomendations? I don't want users to turn off their machines at night so that they can receive patches/updates, etc. and I'm not about to walk around the office and manually turn off a couple thousand machines that I see at the pre-boot prompt either.


      Surely a timer could be built around the login input method that does something other than letting the screen burn if no input was received.