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    HIPS 6.1 removal via console

      Hi All,


      I'm currently running HIPS 7.0 patch 5 on most of our machines. However, ePO is reporting a few hundred machines that are still running the old HIPS 6.1.

      Someone (not me!) has installed HIPS on desktop machines in our environment so I obviously want to remove it.


      The issue is that these machines are probably several in number and we don't have the time/resources to remove HIPS manually from these machines.

      I do have a HIPS uninstall task set up but this will only work with HIPS 7 and I don't have HIPS 6.1 checked in to my master repository to create a task

      for removing 6.1.

      I had the 'bright' idea of picking up a copy of 6.1 client and server from McAfee, i had the intention of trying to check it into a previous or evaluation branch

      to create an uninstall task for 6.1.

      When I tried to check it in though I got an error of "Package missing required pkgcatalog.z file"


      I am running ePO 4.0 patch 6 by the way.


      Any ideas how I can do this without having to resort to the painful task of manual removal?


      Thanks in advance.