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      Hi McAfee Community.


      I am wondering what is typically or possibly the issue when our client application of a Foundstone, using the Open API, returns a -3 FSCOMM_DATABASE_ERROR when making a GetVulns API call (and after API calls GetAccessRights, UserLogin, and GetScanningList are successful).


      Any insight or speculation is appreciated.



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          Hi Jeff,

          My guess is that the query just failed because of a bad parameter.  Maybe an invalidscan config id or job number, etc. If I were debugging this I'd start out by turning on the SQLprofiler and getting a trace. That should clue you into what the GetVulns API is failing on.


          Normally I'd suggest opening a service request for something complicated like this but the SDK isn't offically supported. If you find a documentation issue though we can submit that into your development team to take a look at.


          Have a great day.


          Jeff Haynes