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      I created a Lab. Appointed (MVT LAB).
      The objective of this Lab. is to deploy McAfee products MVT and manage through epo 4.5.
      This lab. epo server contains a 4.5 on windows2008 and a client under Windows XP SP2.
      I configured like epo way or I deployed McAfee VSE 8.7 Patch3 Agent4.5 + MVT +

      When I launched McAfee Virtual Technician in my client is given a detailed report so it works well.
      When I MVT final report the same thing he even given my results, so it works well.
      But when I started there or MVT Problem.Log I noticed that a blue screen appears and the system is Windows xp restarts

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          I will try to reproduce the issue with the setup that you mentioned.

          But MVT was successfully tested on both XP SP2 and SP3.


          Just to clarify a few things 


          1. MVT was deployed through EPO onto XP SP2 machines ?


          2. Are you running MVT on client machine from Start->Programs->McAfee->McAfee Virtual Technician or MVT task from EPO ?


          3. Which patch of Agent 4.5 is installed on client machine ?


          4. Which version of Windows 2008 is been used is it Enterprise ? Then as well 32 or 64 bit and what SP is installed ?


          5. For the crash then you ran MVT from Start->Programs->McAfee->McAfee Virtual Technician on client machine.

          Are you viewing MVT final report and MVT Problem Log from the UI or selecting them from Start->Programs->McAfee-> ?    


          6. Is the system crashing happening when you run MVT diagnostic task on client machine and then select MVT final report and MVT Problem Log from Start->Programs->McAfee-> ?