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    Getting error 0xe0030002 Unable to mount the SBFS

      We are testing for an upgrade from v5.1.8 to v5.2.4  Everything looks great until we try to use the BartPE with Wintech/SafeTech.  We have no problems using either tool on v5.1.8.   When we did a test boot with our 5.1.8 BartPE CD or USB flash drive we can get authorized with the Daily code but when attempting to authenticate from SBFs we get the error 0xe0050004 "The wrong version of the SafeBoot client is currently active."  that makes sense because 5.1.8 is not forwards compatible.  So we built a WinPE using Simon's instructions with the Windows AIK.  It works ok, we can get authorized and authenticated, and see data in on the encrypted drive.  However when we restart the machine we then get error "0xe0030002 "Unable to mount the SBFS"   We then built a SafeTech (USB) from our 5.2.4 EEM and when booting from it we can authorize with the daily code but it hangs when trying to authenticate to the SBFS.   Any ideas about how to fix this?

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