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    Virus scans keep crashing PC ?


      I have the latest version of the McAfee Internet Security package which is fully up to date with McAfee updates. I also have a Windows Vista laptop that again is fully up to date with critical updates etc. For the past month everytime I run a virus scan or it runs on on its own it gets so far and stops. Ita always at 38% and it says:


      Scanning C:\....\images\02_interactivity_09lzg.png


      It always crashes here on this same file everytime. As it doesn't give me the full location of this file I can't go straight to it and with a Windows scan of the above file name it cannot be found?


      When it crashes the PC just locks up, mouse, screen. everything stops working and the only way to get the PC to respond is to force shut down and restart the PC. When I wait for the file to come up when watching the scan even the skip button on the scan consol doesn't work and ir just stops and crashes ?


      I'm worries that there may be a problem with my McAfee. I ran a Virtual Technician that said:

      1 problem found

      VirusScan                     - 3-User McAfee Internet Security 14.5.113
      Problem:             DAT out of date
      update now


      but even pressing update now or pressing fix checked does nothing and it refushes to fix this error ????