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    Move the Notification Module


      Hello all.


      What's the recommended procedure to move the FS Notification Service to another server? The destination server already as other FoundStone components.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Well I don't have an official recommended procedure but this is how I would do it.


          On the system currently running the Notification Service.

          1. Open up services.
          2. Stop and disable the Foundstone Notification Service.
          3. Open up Windows Explorer and go to \foundstone\configuration folder and rename the notification.ccf to notification.old.


          On the system that is going to run the Notification Service.

          1. Run the product installer and install just the Notification service. Reboot if prompted.
          2. Configure the Notification service to work in your environment.
          Good luck and let me know how it works out.
          Jeff Haynes
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            It works like a charm.


            The notification module on the new server is now sending emails.


            Thanks for the support!