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    Trojan "Defense Center" will not go away

      So, I was browsing the internet, and I got a message saying that a virus had been detected. It was ungrammatical, so I figured it was fake, and indeed, it immediately began trying to install something called "Defense Center." A icon for the program soon appeared on my desktop (a green shield similar to MacAfee's), and I began to run a scan with MacAfee to try to remove its cause. I repeatedly denied the program access to the Internet, but it didn't seem to do any good, and when I tried to delete the program I was told that I "didn't have permission." When pornographic images appeared on my desktop along with a large red error message, I shut the computer down. On another computer, I checked this website, and found a page I haven't been able to find since, detailing how to remove such programs--I remember it began with turning on the computer in safe mode and running a scan. I got safe mode active, and got at least 45% of the way through the scan, detecting three infected items and (according to MacAfee) dealing with all of them. I was still getting the fake warning message, even after I deleted Defense Center's program files (I was able to delete them with safe mode on--they tried to reinstall when I right-clicked the warning message to see if I could get information about it, but the folder they were to reinstalI to remained empty.) I let it continue scanning while I went to check on something. When I came back, safe mode was apparently off, and Defense Center was back in business. I hastily shut it down again. What do I do now? I don't want to pay $90, but I don't want to lose all my files either. (Searching on this website didn't turn up any information about a trojan called Defense Center.)