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    WACOM Penabled support not working for Tablet PCs

      Hi all,


      I've tried the Wacom penabled support on a few tablet PCs now and it just doesn't seem to work.

      We're running EEPC version 5.2.3 and I've enabled the file set for the "EEPC52 OPTION: WACOM Active Tablet Pen Driver" and the option for "Always display on-screen keyboard" is enabled too.  I can see the files being downloaded and enabled on the client PC's status log but still the on-screen keyboard doesn't work.

      Tried on an IBM/Lenovo X61 Tablet PC and an HP TC1100 Tablet PC.  Same results.


      Has anyone had similar problems ?  Anyone got it working on either of these 2 models or any PCs at all ?



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