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    Winsysapp.exe, winalert.exe, commgr.exe



           I somehow got the above said vriuses from my pendrive which i had used on someother pc. This virus doesnt let me view hidden files or show me the file extensions (reverts back after i click apply to the settings).


      I have tried quite a lot of things and still havent been able to delete it. Even if delete it from the registry it pops after restart. I have run mcacfee in safemode, it dint even recognise the virus. I tried malwarebytes, it said had removed the virus, but im still not able to view my hidden files or extensions. I also used another software specifically ment for that kind of software but still no use. All the softwares delete the virus but it ends up being there again on restart.


      The virus ahs also enterd my mp3 player, so it has hidden all the songs and i cant even charge it because the virus will spread once i plug it into the usb port..

      Am pasting hijackthis report.

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          Other then unknown damages, this virus will keep your system very busy and your system will become very slow.


          If you want to remove this virus manully, you need to start system in safe mode with command prompt. This virus generally creates one folder "Program  Files", this folder has 2 spaces in between as compare to 1 space with normal "Program files". Another place your will find this virus is Recycler folder on your C drive. To view this hidden folders, you need to use command "dir /A:S" or "dir /A:H". Then you can enter into the these folders and delete them by using "del /F /A:S *.*" and remove the folder using "rd /S < virus foldername>". Pl remember not to delete normal "program file" folder.


          Once you have deleted all the files, start the system in normal mode and then open the registry using "regedit" command. Over here there are 2 locations where you  will find 3 keys for winsysapp, commgr and winalert, delete all the keys from these 2 locations. Locations are hkey_current_user/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run and hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run. Once it is over, all are all set.

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            Well i used run reg security suite and it got rid of all of those.. hope mcafee comes up with a solution soon..

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              check it out with the latest dat version of mcafee for this issue. its getting cleaned after performing ODS with the dat later than .