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    Gather BIOS information?


      After doing a bunch of research I have been unable to find a way to use the McAfee Agent/ePO to gather BIOS information from the machine's managed by it.  I was wondering if there is some way to do this, or if it's possible to deploy a custom application via ePO to return this data for us?  We're mainly trying to pull back the asset tag information that the BIOS holds on a per machine basis.

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          You can populate the Custom keys on the agent using multiple tools.  The asset tag key is in the registry and can be pulled and inserted into the customprops reg key which will in turn put it in epo on the next asci.  This takes a bit of customization to pull whatever you are interested in but anyone with some basic VBscript knowledge can do it in a few minutes.  Check out KB67385 for the customprops reference.

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            That sounds like a do-able option.  How do I then take and roll that up into a package deployable from ePO?