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    New SAS beta


      Is the new SAS beta US only? I get an error relating to country when I attempt to sign up for it


      http://betavscan.mcafeeasap.com/sc/center_logic.aspx?action=try_sc&sctrialprodty pe=tpsprotrial


      sas beta error.JPG

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          It works for me Tony - try right-clicking and opening in a new tab perhaps?


          The drop-down menu has every country listed just about.

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            no i get this in all forms with both ie8 and ff3.6.4

            and youre based in the states though arent you.....


            wouldn't be the first time its US only for the beta but there was nothing on the lead in page to say so... I've been trialing the current version for the last month and when I got popups on the new beta I was hopefull.


            be nice to know either way if this is accessible to non US though

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              I'm, in Canada but I input my UK address OK and it didn't object, although I didn't submit it of course.


              As it's Corporate isn't there someone you can contact about it?

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                Tony I'll email Mark the Consumer Beta Manager and maybe he can get someone to click on this thread.



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