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    Cannot scan hosts with external internet IP when using Src NAT IP

      Hi guys,


      We have and internal LAN IP assigned for our Foundstone Appliance which has the ability to go out to the internet via NAT IP.


      I have confirmed that ICMP works if I try to ping something like google.com. I also confirm that I can telnet to google.com on port 80.


      I also see the inbound and outbound traffic when running wireshark traffic sniffs to confirm that the Foundstone appliance can reach out to the internet.




      for some reason when I try to scan a set of our external IP spaces the scanner runs for like 2 seconds and generates no results.


      Furthermore I do not see any incoming and outcoming traffic in the time that scan runs to suggest that its even trying.


      When I scan Internal IPs everything is fine, its just when I try to scan external IP spaces where it does not seem to work.


      Am I missing something here? Does foundstone just not work with NAT?


      Any help would be great.


      Let me know if you have any other information. I thought I would try this forum before opening a support case.