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    Client tasks in ePO 4.5

      hi - new here and slightly irritated.  We have been using ePO for some time but have just added a second AD domain to the structure.


      I was able to assign the existing policies to the new Nodes from the new domain structure and  I would also like to reuse the client tasks which already exist at sub node level on the first domain but can't seem to find out how to access them.  The only option is to create a New task - if I use the same name as an existing task it just tells me it already exists, but does not give me an option to select it.


      Does anyone know if it is possible to do what I need?


      thanks very much

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          So you added the second domain in to epo at a level above the current domain which is probably the location for all the pertinent client tasks?  Then you will need to recreate new ones from what I understand.  Under the client tasks, there are a few options to export the tasks, otherwise it might be easiest to have two screen side by side and create new ones with new names.  I would never say something isn't possible, but i have seen this issue pop up in the forums a few times saying create new is the way.  It's good epo practice, be careful on building the tasks with who it's going to deploy to...