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    Best Practices for Firewall Enterprise



      I am new to this forum. I work for a disti partnered with McAfee. One of our customers is looking to deploy the v8.0 Virtual Appliance, and they are requesting information about supported deployment scenarios, and best practices - this will be there first 'virtual' firewall deployment (moving from checkpoint harwdare appliances). They are mostly concerned about whether deploying a virtual firewall breaks 'security' in the VM environment (and the environment as a whole), introduces any possible threats/risks into an existing physical/virtual architecture, and whether it is from an industry perspective, 'OK' to deploy virtualised security products.


      I havent found anything on the McAfee partner site, or on the McAfee site in general. I know it is implied as supported by virtue of he products existence, but the customer wants some supporting collateral.


      Any ideas?