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    MVT:Deviations report problem

      Hi all,


      We've deployed MVT to a test group of around 100 machines, with a diagnosic only task and are now getting results back.

      Most appear to have run the diagnostic task and returned results, and I can view these per machine using the 'MVT:Health Information' report - things look exactly as I'd expect, all machines returning things that I know to be correct (patch versions etc).


      However when I used the 'MVT: Deviations' report I am having a problem - drill down doesn't seem to work and the number of machines affected shown beside each problem don't appear correct. I know for a fact some of these deviations will be true for every test machine we've tested on so far, yet it's only showing '20', and when I drill down the table is empty. Drill down fails for every deviation listed so far - no error, just no results shown in the table.


      We are using MVT 1.0.4, and ePO 4.0.




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          Hi Jon,

                    In regard to the MVT Deviations report this will display each devaition that is found across all the machines.

          For each devaition that is shown is it displaying the correct Total Deviations (number of times each devaition was found on different machines) ?


          Then when you click on any devaition it will show the list of machines that the deviation is found on with Session and Visit ID's.


          Within this deviation page then it will display all machines that this deviation was found on. It can display 20 per page.

          At the top and bottom of the page there will be buttons ( top <<, <,>,>> and bottom < >) to which when clicked on will bring you onto

          the next page with the next 20 showing.


          Jon if you are not seeing these then let us no.



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            Hi Declan,


            We are seeing it as you describe with the only difference being there are no results above the << < > >>, it just says '0-0' on the same line to the left side. This is for a deviation which is listed as having 20 occurances on the previous screen (a number which I don't believe!).


            Clicking on the '>' arrow returns me to the ePO queries page.




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              Hi Jon,

                        In the MVT Health Information report are you seeing 200 reports for all the machines that EPOMVT was run on ?


              Its just i have attached two screenshots below similar to test you where running and it ran fine.

              As can be seen from Deviations1 for the three issues its showing Total Deviations of 222.

              Then when i click on any of the three deviations which is Deviations2 its showing the first of 12 pages which is 1-12 with options at top

              > or >> working to go to next page or last page.


              Once the reports are showing in MVT health information report then they should be seeing in MVT Deviations report.


              Jon could you send us on the following details so that i can investigate more


              What version of EPO 4.0 or 4.5 ?


              Which version of McAfee Agent ?


              What server OS is EPO running on 32 or 64 bit, SP,  etc ?


              What OS are client machines ?




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                Yeah the health info report shows the correct number, and drilling down shows results I'd expect. I'm definately not seeing results as per your second screenshot though.


                info requested:


                ePO 4 build 1298 running on Win2k3 SP2 32bit


                Clients are XP SP3 (maybe one or two stubborn machines still on SP2)


                Thanks for the help, appreciated.

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                  Jon i will setup this system here and check can i reproduce the issue.

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                    Hi Jon,

                              I was unable to reproduce the problem and i used the same setup that you mentioned below


                    ePO 4 build 1298 running on Win2k3 SP2 32bit


                    Clients are XP SP3


                    Its showing all the correct details for MVT deviations.


                    Which version of EPOMVT are you using can you send us on the details for extension and deployment package.

                    Its just for my testing was using latest EPOMVT 1.0.4 and it was working fine.


                    Could you also send us on screenshots of your MVT health information and MVT Deviations (with the drill down report of machines as well) reports.